The medical examination in Switzerland.

There are a lot of different medical examinations. All of them are represented in most of the Swiss clinics. The duration of a general medical examination can range from one day to a week in a hospital. The general examination usually includes:

  • A detailed medical examination
  • Full laboratory examination, urinalysis, faeces analysis
  • Control of vaccinations
  • Examination of oncological diseases (prostate, skin, intestines, mamma)
  • Diabetic control
  • Detailed functional examination of the cardiovascular system
  • Definition of the optimal training pulls diapason (Conconi's test)
  • Lung function testing
  • Inspection of the spinal column
  • Control of visual and acoustic functions
  • Evaluation of the body’s physical condition (fat, water, body mass, weight, BMI-index)
  • Inner organs computed tomography (in particular cases)