The proven method for your successful treatment.

MEDIP has a standard procedure to mediate medical treatments in Switzerland.

After receiving an inquiry, MEDIP determines the exact medical issues as well as translating all of the available clinical records. When transport possibilities are clarified and a further diagnostic assessment is carried out by a doctor or clinic, an offer of the total medical treatment is then presented to the patient. Further details can then be discussed and the patient can decide which treatments should actually be carried out. MEDIP administrates a financial depot, which is opened prior to the patient’s stay. Flight reservations, coordination of appointments, Visa requests and hotel reservations all belong to the next step of MEDIPs organisation. MEDIP also takes care of booking an interpreter and organising all kinds of transportation services. During the hospitalisation, an employee of MEDIP will always be available for the patient. After treatment and departure of the patient, all bills will be added up and paid. The medical reports will be translated.

MEDIP has served many satisfied customers throughout the years. The continuous recommendation within the circle of family and friend is an important indicator for the quality of our service.