Tocology and Gynecology

Gynecology is a branch of clinical medicine, studying anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the female organism, female genital system diseases and their treatment as well as prophylaxis. The modern gynecology and tocology constitutes an unified discipline.

Swiss clinics provide the following treatments in the area of gynecology and tocology:

  • Obstetric aid
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparascopic surgery
  • Fertilization and sterilization procedures
  • Uterotomy
  • Mamma surgery
  • Using laser technology
  • Child abortion
  • Cesarean operation

In addition, the following treatments are also possible:

  • Preparation, choice and carrying out operations of uterine myoma treatment
  • Complex examination and treatment of patients by using hysteroscopy and ablation if the occasion requires it
  • Plastic operation in metroptosis uterine prolapse, anomalies of female genital organs
  • Endometry
  • Treatment and examination of patients suffering from sub mucous uterine myoma using hysteroscopy
  • Surgical treatment of patients suffering from frozen or extrauterine pregnancy
  • Surgical sterilization

In medical centers the following is carried out:

  • All kinds of operations in uterine myoma, including minilaparatomy with laparascopic benefit (skin incision range within 3-4 centimetres); removing myoma nods by laparascopy
  • All kinds of operations in benign ovarial tumors, including minilaparatomy and operative laparascopy
  • All kinds of reconstructive and aesthetic operations, which includes creating an artificial vagina, operation in the uterus, uterine neck and vagina entrance anomalies
  • Complex examination and treatment of patients suffering from involuntary, stress-caused and combined urinary incontinence

More than 90% of all the gynecologic operations are carried out by laparoscopy. The most effective treatment and diagnosis of infertility has been worked out by leading specialists.

Among the most spread forms of infertility are: tube-peritoneal form 50-60%, endometriosis 40-60%, endocrine disorders and development defects. There is a combination of several forms in 60%-70% of the cases.

Basic causes of the most spread tube-peritoneal form of infertility are: sexual transmitted infections, abortion, cavitary operations on pelvis and abdominal cavity. 60-70% of women have a combination of two and more of these causes.

The successful treatment of different forms of infertility, additional reproductive technologies including different kinds of extacorporal fertilization etc - are the results of specialists' outstanding work coordinated with worldwide experience.