Among oncological diseases tumors are also called cancerous diseases. The most abundant of them are given below:

  • Melanoma
  • Leukemia
  • Breast cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Rectum cancer
  • Large intestine cancer
  • Uterine neck cancer

We offer treatments in private Swiss hospitals and clinics where there are special oncological units and centers. Swiss clinics with oncological treatment offer the usage of the latest equipment and medical preparations. The spectrum of oncologycal treatments involves:

  • Surgical operations
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Radial therapy

Surgical cure

Is one of the most frequent methods of treatment used in Swiss clinics. An operation is called radical when a tumor is completely removed. Palliative operations are operations without the complete removal of a tumor, but the patient's life quality is enhanced. Plastic and cosmetic operations may be used to correct defects of appearance after surgical operations.

Radial therapy or X-ray therapy

Is a procedure of irradiating tumors by X-rays. In Swiss clinics the radial treatment of oncological diseases is used commonly with surgical therapy and chemotherapy. Irradiation is performed in several treatments with the usage of modern equipment. The duration of radial treatment is only about 5 minutes. Radial therapy is repeated during several weeks or for a couple of days, if the special method is used.

Term "chemotherapy"

Is used for medical preparations to suppress the tumor growth. In Swiss clinics such kind of therapy is used with contemporary medical preparations. The high-dose therapy used for the therapy has much better results in comparison with the traditional chemotherapy. Occasionally the high-dose chemotherapy is completed with autogenic reinfusion of blood cells. If the occasion requires chemotherapy can be used in combination with other methods of oncological treatment.

Hormonal therapy

Means the use of hormonal and antihormonal preparations. Hormonal cure is used in order to treat breast cancer and prostates tumors.


This unique tool is an installation allowing the treatment of brain tumors and metastasis without surgical intervention and prolonged irradiation of the brain. The usage of the "gamma-knife" often is the only way to cure a brain neoplasm.


A new method of treating cancer called immunotherapy has become very common. The concept of the method is based on specific immune reactions on a few cancer cell-specific membrane proteins. The immune system of the organism doesn't distinguish cancer cells from normal ones because they have no differences concerning their appearance. On the other hand there are several cell-specific proteins not typical for normal cells. Elaborating antibodies to the cancer cells specific proteins and bringing them into a vascular bed (or giving the immune system the capacity to produce such antibodies) could evoke the dead of cancer cells and stop the development of a tumor.

A new method of immunotherapy is more effective. It is based on direct delivery of preparation-killers with the help of specific tumor antibodies to cancer cells. The protein consisting of the specific monoclonal antibody and a protein-killer is created using gene engineering. Such a protein complex can recognize cancer cells, associate them and bring the killing part into the cell to destroy it.

Genetic therapy

Is based on making the normal cells of the organism able to generate specific anticancer agents (for example antibodies).