All kinds of urological operations are performed in Swiss clinics. Among these are:

  • Surgical treatment of kidney and epinephros cancer, urocyst cancer (inducing substitution of the urinary bladder by intestinal tissues), prostate cancer (radical operation) and testes cancer;
  • Laser surgery benign hyperplasia (the first system of such a kind in Switzerland);
  • Laparascopic surgery in order to correct some kinds of disorders of fecundation;
  • Implantational surgery in case of potency disturbance (falloprosthesis);
  • Reconstructive and plastic operations if the urethra is damaged.

Furthermore leading Swiss specialists work with the following methods:

  • Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of urinary tract;
  • Treatment and prophylaxis of urolitiasis with the usage of new technologies of remote and contact cleavage of stones;
  • Modern methods of operating treatment of kidney and bladder cancer;
  • Introduction of different kinds of endosurgical operations of upper and lower urinary ways;
  • Working out methods of urological treatments
  • Treatment of patients with chronic renal failure by hemodialisys and kidney transplantation;
  • Diagnosis, consultative and treatment of benign hyperplasis, prostate cancer, and chronic prostatitis;
  • Correction of impotence and infertility disorders;
  • Treatment and diagnosis disorders and urinary incontinence in females;
  • Puerile urology;

Treatment and diagnosis of sexual transmitted diseases.