Plastic and reconstructive surgery

For the most part aesthetic operations are intended to change the structure of the body or some of the organs with the aim to improve a patient's appearance. Some of them are usable in reconstructive surgery. Circumstances and indications used for aesthetic operations have the individual character. Possibilities of application of various methods are particularly defined for every case.

Medical centers and units of the clinics in Switzerland offer plastic and aesthetic surgery including cosmetic operations:

  • Surgical reconstruction
  • Cosmetic operations to correct eyelids
  • Face-lifting
  • Surgery of the mamma
  • Liposuction
  • Craniofacial surgery

Abdominoplastics of the stomach

is one of the methods to correct a figure. It's used in case of the extension of the abdominal muscles and skin after pregnancy, combined with the weight loss which leads to the sagging of the skin.

Blepharoplastics of the eyelids

is a surgical procedure directed on the elimination of surpluses of the skin and hernias. Blepharoplastics of the eyelids is carried out in case of presence of well-defined weakening and stretching of the skin, resulting in swelling up of the paraorbital fat in some parts of the eyelids. If the occasion reoccurs blepharoplastics can be combined with lifting up the forehead's skin.

Lifting, increasing of size and reconstructing the mamma

Mastopexy or pulling up a mamma is a surgical procedure applied to restore the natural height of breast and improves its form and contours. In some cases mastopexy may be done in order to maintain the primary functions i.e. possibility of breast-feeding. Using mastopexy it is possible to decrease the size of the areola i.e. dark area around the nipple. The reconstruction of a mamma after mastopexy because of cancer or other indications has become a common operation. Contemporary medical methods and remedies make it possible to create a mamma with the form and the appearance of a natural one. Frequently the reconstruction is possible after a mamma removal (mastectomy), so a patient awakes after the operation with the restored form of the breast.

Lifting of face and neck

is a procedure used to eliminate cheeks flagging, to reduce the significance of nasolabial fold and to restore the normal neck and chin area contours.

Forehead lifting

is a surgical procedure intended to smooth out horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and longitudinal wrinkles of the bridge of the nose as well as to pull up flabby eyebrows. Frequently forehead plastics are done coincidently with eyelids and face lifting.


is a method of removing the separated (local) accumulations of the fat.

Rhinoplasty of the nose

is one of the most difficult branches of plastic surgery. Rhinoplastic surgery changes the contours of the nose by smoothing out, removing or transferring/forming the nose basis cartilages and bones. By rhinoplasty the size of a nose can be decreased, its form can be changed as well as inborn defects and problems with breath can be corrected.

Otoplastics of auricles

is usually done in order to press sticking out ears closer to the head or to diminish the size of large conches of auricles. These deformations can become a reason for psychological traumas and mockeries especially at young age.


of veins and venous nettings is used to treat co-called "vascular stars" i.e. accumulations of thin veins which are visible through the skin, which usually appear on hips, calves and ankles.

Hair transplantation

The operation is confined in transference of hair from the donor area to the area of alopecia. It is done with the help of small skin transplants called grafts.


is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into the subcutaneous fat.